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The Best Blinds Company in Vancouver Does NOT Want You to Read This

Window blinds are not merely functional in terms of providing privacy and regulating sunlight; they also contribute significantly to the overall look of any given room. However, to ensure that your blinds continue to enhance your living space for years to come, proper care and periodic maintenance are extremely essential for them. In today’s blog, we will briefly explore why you must look after your window blinds, explain how you may accomplish the same, and share a few useful tips concerning their upkeep that the best blinds company in Vancouver does not want you to know!


Preserve the Original Appearance of Your Blinds

Whether they are made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fabric, window blinds can accumulate dust, grime, and dirt over time. Regular cleaning helps maintain their native appeal and prevents the gradual buildup of unsightly debris on them. Dust particles and stubborn stains can fade the color and degrade the texture of your blinds, compromising not only the esthetics of your windows but also that of the entire room.

Reasonably Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

Window blinds essentially act as an effective barrier against outdoor pollutants and prevent them from penetrating your living space. However, when they become dirty, your blinds may easily transform into an unassuming reservoir for dust, allergens, and other contaminants. On the contrary, regular cleaning and timely maintenance can significantly improve indoor air quality, thus, mitigating the odds of allergies, respiratory conditions, and other health issues.

Considerably Extend the Estimated Lifespan of Windows Blinds

You may greatly extend the average lifespan of window blinds simply by investing a little time and nominal effort in their care. Accumulated dirt and failure on your part to ensure routine maintenance can cause the blinds to deteriorate prematurely. However, by cleaning your window blinds as often as possible, you may be able to delay their natural deterioration substantially.


Frequent Dusting

Employ a soft cloth, feather duster, or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove specks of dust and debris from your window blinds. Start from the top and work your way down whilst paying full attention to each slat.

Spot Cleaning

Rely on a mild detergent or a purpose-manufactured blind cleaner to eliminate trivial stains or minuscule spots. Apply the cleaning solution evenly to a clean cloth or microfiber and gently wipe the affected region. Strictly refrain from using the same in excess since doing so may inflict damage to certain kinds of blinds or cause them to warp.

Deep Cleaning

Some window blinds may necessarily call for periodic deep cleaning based on the kind of material they are made of and even the best blinds company in Vancouver does acknowledge the same. To put things into perspective, for fabric blinds, consult the cleaning instructions of their manufacturer and follow the cleaning method that it recommends. Alternatively, if you happen to own metal or vinyl blinds, you may either remove them before washing the same in a bathtub or use a damp cloth/sponge instead to clean your blinds in place and spare you the hassle of disassembly and reassembly.


Avoid the application of highly corrosive chemicals or abrasive cleaning equipment since they can spoil window blinds. Treat wooden blinds with the utmost care, and to prevent them from warping or splitting, make sure to never expose them to any cleaning substance of large volume. Regularly inspect the window blinds to secure any dislocated hardware and be gentle when operating them to reduce the likelihood of any accidental damage. To suffice, do not even think of deviating from the guidelines of the manufacturing company concerning the upkeep of your blinds. Call Great Blinds Canada now to learn why it is the best blinds company in Vancouver!

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