Some special features are worth considering, especially in households with elderly members or young children. These include motorized blinds, remote control blinds, cordless options, and Bottom Up Top Down blinds.

Motorized and Remote Control Window Blinds

Motorized blinds are most common in industrial applications, but they are also appropriate for very large windows. Some motorized blinds have a remote control, which is extremely convenient for those with limited mobility.

Cordless Window Blinds

Cordless blinds eliminate the distraction of cords and the danger of strangulation when there are small children around. There are various systems, but most work by pulling the blinds down and pushing or tugging them gently to move them up.

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU) blinds ingeniously allow one to open the blinds at the top rather than just at the bottom. In many cases, this provides the option of permitting sunlight to enter while maintaining privacy.