Don’t see it as cheating, because when you read our décor tips, we’re hoping you’ll forget the argument that white is ‘a colour without colour’,  and agree that it’s the perfect choice for our colour of the month!


Why white? Benefits and suggestions

White commonly carries associations of cleanliness, purity, freshness and airiness – all things most of us want in our homes.


While a white sofa may make your toes curl as images of your other half holding a glass of red wine/your little one holding a crayon flash through your mind’s eye – hear us out. White is a great choice for furniture because it makes the room look brighter and more spacious than darker furniture – even if the item itself is taking up loads of room. This means white is the perfect choice for tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds – you name it, especially in smaller homes where you can’t afford furniture to cramp a space.


As it’s a neutral shade, white is also the perfect background colour to then build upon with your favourite accent shades. We love this fresh white room with its statement sheets and lamp, almost as much as we love this gleaming white bathroom with its beautiful eye-catching tiled floor.


When natural light is important to you (as it will be if you are familiar with the benefits, which include improved mood, alertness and metabolism) white is the perfect choice for your window dressings. Opt for a white blind and enjoy a brighter room as light is allowed to filter through it while still affording you the privacy you need.