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Also known as electrical blinds, automated blinds, automatic blinds, and smart blinds, motorized blinds include a minuscule motor that spins the shaft of the window covering gently when you activate the remote control. You can raise or lower them at the mere stroke of a button. As one of the leading sellers of the best blinds in Westminster, at Great Blinds Canada, we take great pride in our remote-controlled blinds, featuring utmost convenience and safety, not to mention their characteristically clean as well as a streamlined appearance with no hanging cables, chains, or wands. You can find the power rating of your blinds in their technical specifications and you will require one remote at the very least to control them. The majority of remotes will let you operate blinds in an upward or downward motion, and you may even choose to raise or lower all of them controlled by the same remote simultaneously, or simply have them moved independently. Note that remote controllers for horizontal ones often enable you to tilt the slats as well. Being a renowned sourcing partner of the best blinds in Westminster since our inception, our smart blinds also allow you to manage your blinds with the help of a simple mobile application, and you can even create timers to specify when they should open as well as shut. An increasing number of manufacturers have started providing provisions of late as well to integrate them seamlessly with smart home systems and voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Our motorized blinds continue to be an ideal option for those difficult-to-reach skylights or humongous windows and you may operate as many as about a dozen of them just by pressing a single button on the remote provided. Referred to as multichannel remotes, such devices allow you to alter the number of blinds that you wish to pair with one not only at the fraction of a second but also as many times as you may require. Call us now to obtain a doorstep or phone consultation on how much you need to spend on decorating your house with the best blinds in Westminster! GET IN TOUCH