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Type of Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Smart, contemporary colours and the natural texture of wood, this collection of Wood Impressions blinds is stylish and elegant and suitable for any room in the home. The strong, faux wood slats can cope with even the most challenging of environments, making them an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

Roller Blinds

Our collection of roller blinds features a fantastic range of popular colours from neutral tones all the way through to the brightest, hottest hues.
The fabrics are mid-weight, affording privacy while still allowing light to gently filter through.

Vertical Blinds

From light neutrals to vibrant tones, these wonderfully woven vertical blinds are made from the perfect, mid weight fabric that offers excellent privacy while allowing you to control the amount of light coming in. You can also find many of these fabrics in our roller blind collection for a coordinated look.

Blog & Blinds Guide

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

There is a wide variety of styles of wooden blinds from bamboo to birch or maple. All of these blinds look great in rooms that already have a natural wood setting such as kitchens, dens, or four season porches.

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Sheer Shades

This style is a horizontal blind with sheer cloth connecting each blind to the next to offer privacy without taking away from the light of the room. Sheer shades are good for rooms that you want to keep more light in such as kitchens, bathrooms, and 4 season porches.

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Roman Shades

This style comes in a variety of colors to match just about any décor. Roman shades are made of cloth that is designed to accordion fold as they move up and smooth out as they move down. They are harder to clean than traditional blinds, but...

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Roller/Solar Shades

Solar shades offer light-dimming options great for open living spaces and also help protect the room from harmful UV rays. Thee styles usually roll up instead of using a rope to pull them up. Some roller shades are on rollers and move from side to side instead of up...

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Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

When you look at them from the side, these blinds are diamond shaped cells and are generally made out of a solid, lightweight cloth-like material. They come in a wide variety of colors. Some blinds of this style can slide up from the bottom or down from the top,...

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Aluminum Blinds

These blinds are durable and offer control over the light and darkness of a room. There are a number of features such as head rails that make them more seamless in the room as well.

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